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EpiVacCorona is a COVID-19 candidate vaccine developed by FBRI SRC VB VECTOR, Rospotrebnadzor, Koltsovo. It is a peptide type of candidate vaccine, based on the protein subunit platform. This COVID-19 candidate vaccine was in Phase I/Phase II evaluation. On October 14, 2020, regulatory approval for EpiVacCorona in Russia was announced. 



Supporting references

Link Tested on Impact factor Notes Publication date DB entry date
Draft landscape of COVID-19 candidate vaccines Healthy adults Oct/15/2020 Oct/16/2020

Clinical trials

ID Title Status Phase Start date Completion date
NCT04780035 Study of the Tolerability, Safety, Immunogenicity and Preventive Efficacy of the EpiVacCorona Vaccine for the Prevention of COVID-19 Completed Phase 3 Nov/27/2020 Dec/20/2021
NCT05021016 Study of the EpiVacCorona Vaccine With the Involvement of Volunteers Aged 60 Years and Above Completed Phase 3 Nov/19/2020 Jan/30/2021
NCT04527575 Study of the Safety, Reactogenicity and Immunogenicity of "EpiVacCorona" Vaccine for the Prevention of COVID-19 Completed Phase 1|Phase 2 Jul/27/2020 Dec/30/2021